Commercial Style Windows & Doors

Hawkesbury E2/E3 - Multi-Fold Door Range

State Of The Art System

Designed with large floor to ceiling applications in mind, the Hawkesbury Multi-Fold Door Range combine full sized commercial perimeter framing with specially designed commercial door stiles. A functional alternative to traditional door units in lighter commercial and residential applications the Hawkesbury E2 and E3 Door Range removes the barriers to allow flow between indoor and outdoor living. Whether the doors are open in fine weather or securely fastened into place as sturdy impenetrable walls, the Alspec Hawkesbury Door is the only choice.

High Performance Hardware

Powered by exclusive hardware from Centor Architectural the Hawkesbury Door features top-rolling operation for smooth, trouble-free operation whether configured for inward or outward stacking or with an odd or even number of door stiles. Tyred floor guides run effortlessly in channels neatly concealed beneath closed doors, while effective Weatherseal technology keeps wind, rain and cold air where it belongs. The stabilising centre hinge controls door stile deflection and bowing on tall doors, whilst the exclusive SurelockTM system allows for simple vertical height adjustment with a screwdriver.

View-Max Commercial Windows Sliding & Double Hung Windows

Maximum View - Unlimited Possibilities

The View-Max window offers unparallel levels of flexibility allowing the designer, architect, builder or home owner the flexibility of utilising their choice of 76mm or 100mm framing, catering for those after the slimline approach or those after the more robust commercial design.

The View-Max window seamlessly adapts to Alspec's award winning commercial framing systems such as the McArthur or Hunter ranges allowing for the integration of fixed flush glazing, double-hung windows, awning windows or for the integration of Alspec's other renowned Hawkesbury or Commercial Sliding Door ranges.

View-Max integrates a number of design initiatives unique to Alspec such as the proprietary locking, roller and drainage systems. In line with the ever increasing environmental challenges facing architects and building designers the View-Max window offers the flexibility of single and double glazing allowing for cost effective energy ratings through the use of double glazed sashes on those elevations where it is required and single glazing on those less energy sensitive elevations.

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