Windscreen Replacement

O'Brien Agent

Alumak Industries are also the local Windscreens O'Brien Agent, 
repairing windscreen chips and replacing windscreens for all makes and models of cars, trucks and buses.


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Windscreen replacement


Looking for hassle-free windscreen replacement? No matter what make or model your car is, our specialist technicians will find the perfect fit.

We use only quality glass that’s compliant with Australian and international standards – meaning you drive away knowing the job has been done right.

Our highly skilled technicians will complete the work in around 60-90 minutes. Your vehicle will then be safe to drive away around 15 minutes after the job is finished.

How we replace your windscreen


We prepare the new glass and ensure your vehicle’s interior is protected.

Next, we cut the windscreen seal and safely remove the glass from your vehicle using patented Ezi-wire technology.

We apply a primer to the vehicle’s framework and allow it to dry, before applying a strong bonding glue to the new windscreen. This ensures the perfect fit is achieved.

We carefully fit your new windscreen using our expert 1-Tek® tool. Next, we use a powerful vacuum to clean any broken glass from your vehicle, ensuring it’s safe inside and out.

Windscreen Repairs
Windscreen Repairs

Windscreen Repair

We know time is important to you, so we’ll always assess your windscreen to see if we can provide an O’Brien repair using our exclusive patented Glass Medic® tool.

If you have a windscreen chip, it’s important to get it checked and fixed quickly, as it could crack at any time. Once the work is complete, the chip will be almost invisible and the windscreen will be strong again.

We can repair your windscreen in around 30 minutes. You can drive away immediately, knowing our workmanship is guaranteed for the life of your vehicle.


  1. We clean the chip area of as much dust and glass as possible using a special tool. This ensures our resin bonds to the windscreen properly.

  2. Next, we place our patented Glass Medic® device over the damage to create a vacuum, before filling the chip with HPX3® our strongest ever resin.

  3. We ensure the resin is pushed all the way through the crack before using a UV light tool to harden and strengthen the area.

  4. Once the resin is dry we clean and polish the windscreen to remove any excess resin and ensure a smooth finish.